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Lets go hunting

HeavyWeight Champion

Hi there,

cool! Unser Designer Benedikt Gnadt hat die Protobox nochmal verbessert. Und mit richtig viel Gewicht getestet. Er sah dabei ein bisschen aus, wie ein Hammerwerfer. Also Coaches und Trainer, die Teams zum kompletten Materialverbrauch ermutigen. Dann ist viel Platz für Mitbringsel : )

Lets go hunting

Let's go hunting

Hi there,

Innovations are neither effective, streight forward nor predictable, but actually risky and failure prone! Like hunters innovative teams notice weak signals, slight traces, explore new areas, making detours and following hunches . This calls for effortless (visual) communication, tolerance towards mistakes and frustration, trust in tools and team members without any foresight about results. For any efficiently and lean managed organization innovation is a unreasonable imposition!

And yet many organization feel an urge to create innovative products, services and business models to stay ahead. Globalization and the 3rd Industrial revolution challenge all industries. Digitalization is here to stay. We might as well deal with it. Besides the losses through shrinking margins, fast product life cycles, growing competition and demographic changes, new technologies, changing user behaviours and societal changes/wellbeing in many countries offer many chances for new business! (((How exciting ; ))) Lets go hunting!

Prototyping Box by Tiefenschaerfe

Order Now your protoBox

Hi there,

We finalized our ProtoBox! Finally the annoying assembley of material right before hosting a team workshop has an end. Just order a ProtoBox with enough components for 2 teams during a 2-day workshop.

Thanks to all those who gave feedback or provided tips and tricks : )

And, yes, it is ready to order now!
Visit our web shop.

Prototyping Box by Tiefenschaerfe

From thinking towards creating

See, what tiefenschaerfe has been up during the last weeks. Well, the first prototyp was actually in spring 2014 after the idea was born after many fly in and fly out workshops in new locations giving us many pre-workshop stress reactions. The very friendly yet unexperienced procurement personal on side was usually maintainance intense and in the end, the time consuming material list exchanges and valid verifying questions were redundant without a proper purchase order number.

Why not prepare a material box and mail it to the respective locations? Or, for those of our early testers, uneasy of letting go of their most crucial workshop ingredients (such as post it, pens and pipe cleaners) designing a take away Box feasible as hand luggage?

So, we proudly present our beta version PROTOBOX. It contains basic materials for creative and effective teamwork. That includes working material such as post its and pens, but more prominent a variety of simple prototyping material such as paper, pipe cleaner, rope, coloured paper and rubber bands.

The materials can be used to create a physical tangible representation of ideas, concepts and other cognitive outputs in order to test and get feedback, to let users or stakeholders interact allowing the team to quickly iterate.

You could say, instead of thinking throug those tools help teams to build through problems, yes even acting through n idea or concept. It helps getting from spoken words to physical representations, aligning the team on the idea and it details, allowing to test various first concepts and therefore channeling team conflicts and centering decision making more around users or stakeholders.

We think of a low fidelity ,throw away - or leave on side - version, 600x350x150mm. One, that teams are free to create with, that they can use up, chop down and no facilitators soul gets hurt ; )

We appriciate comments or feedback. Just leave us a note, call us, tweet or like us...

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