Employee Trainings


Timeframe: since 2013


Fierce competition, mature markets, life style trends and new technologies such as smartphones, crowd computing, the network economy or the internet of things ask for many new and more individualized solutions in a much faster time.
Contemporary user demands and digitalization challenge the status quo in formerly stable industries and call for deep transformation targeting many levels.
Large manufacturing companies eager to promote a new working culture and Design Thinking mindset face difficulties to scale activities throughout their various locations, departments and organizational hierarchies.


Design Thinking has answers to those challenges, yet with its holistic approach and guided teamwork it calls for intense efforts to reach a critical mass for an actual change to happen, by establishing

  • creativity enhancing spaces, new ways of working in a team and
  • early customer engagement, ethnographic user research, fast prototyping and
  • early testing, failure tolerance and fast evidence based decision making.

    Transformation needs awareness, support and actions from top management and grass-root level.

    Case outline:

    We consulted an implementation strategies and ambassador programs in order to transform the mindset of this engineer driven company into early customer integration, more experimental agil working modes and fast prototyping.

    Since 2013 tiefenschärfe and its coaches facilitate internal knowledge management and innovation trainings targeted to educate Airbus employees. With hands-on introduction to design thinking in 4 languages we focus on enabling individuals and teams to experiment with new working modes, do quick tangible prototypes, engage with customers and keeping the Why and For Whom? in mind. At an operative level we support Co-Creation Projects with external scientific partners or key clients in fast-paced workshop sessions.