Management Meeting & Projects

Bayer HealthCare

Timeframe: 6 month


Major pharmaceutical companies are facing fierce competition from generic manufacturers and service or digital marketing innovations from new players. While innovative specialty drugs with high prices challenge government funded healthcare reimbursement. In order to continue steady growth rates,

  • existing products need to be adapted to new markets, partners and customers and

  • contemporary support for patients and their families calls for holistic (service) solutions beyond pure medication.


    Design Thinking encompasses multidisciplinary expert teams, ethnographic user research and fast moderated team work in creativity enhancing spaces: increasing innovation dynamic through intensive team work of experts, user observation, rapid prototyping and early calls for feedback starting with qualitative empathy work it was a suitable yet innovative new way for targeting patients, families and doctors Tiefenschärfe designed the program and facilitated the team work, helped, set up the teams and coordinated workshop locations and observation facilities.

    Case outline:

    A team of 12 European experts collaborated over 4 month and gathered during four 2-day Workshops. We met to align teamwork and insights, and organize outside field work observing doctors, related health care practitioners, patients, families etc. The teams also held additional interviews with intermediaries such as insurances, financial service providers, governmental agencies and social activist groups. Thus connecting to the regional context and challenges.

    We than aligned the findings with a previously developed algorithm and generated ideas. Than the group started to gain feedback from internal stakeholders on implementation schemes.

    Them teams presented their ideas and first prototypes to the EU-Regional Management Executives on their annual gathering. They finally supported regional departments on adapting certain strategic aspects to the respective markets.