Our clients list speaks for itself

tiefenschärfe has worked with many successful market leaders from e-commerce, FMCG and retail, professional services, software development and manufacturing.
Our clients trust us to inspire their teams, spark off collaborative innovation dynamics within their organizations and support their way towards cultural change. tiefenschärfe has build up a strong expertise of integrating and adapting design thinking methods into organizations not yet exposed to consequently human-centred ways of solving complex problems.

  • since 2013

    Hands-on introduction to design thinking in 4 languages. Focus on gaining empathy for users, rapid prototyping and early testing.

  • 2014

    Management awareness session with 80 european top executives during their annual leadership meeting off side. Parallel project support.

  • 2014-2015

    Co-Creation project to re-design current website and create radically new solutions in mixed teams with external experts and users.

  • Foresight Concepts

    2012 & 2015

    User centered concept ‚future of mobility‘; exploring new target groups, services e.g. finance.

  • Hands-on Education

    2010 & 2011

    User observation, prototyping, design and roll-out support of an interactive format for children interested in renewable resources.

  • Rethinking Cloud Services


    Co-Creation workshop with HP researchers, legal, product development and other experts to rethink global cloud services.

  • Development and Support DT formats


    Co-Creation, lead coaching of Design Thinking and strategy workshops, longterm implementation projects at SAP and Janssen-Cilag.

  • Product Innovation


    Full time project re-designing the snack experience. Vast user research, expert integration, prototyping to refill product pipeline.

  • Innovation Culture Team Building


    Workshop series to practise a more collaborative, fast-paced and patient-centered mindset with internal sales and marketing experts.

  • Shaping Innovation Culture


    Introduction of Design Thinking methods in 6 month long waves, partnering with young HPI Academy to scale DT role-out at a global level.

  • Strategic Innovation Workshop


    Re-designing the online shopping experience for various target groups, adopt Design Thinking principles to bridge organizational silos.

  • Advanced Method Training


    Exploring Design Thinking as a super fast approach to user centered app development.

  • Expert Community Event


    Inspiring community event for 90 designers, employees and external partners linking online and offline efforts @tchibo-ideas.de.

  • Design Thinking Support

    2016 - ongoing

    Supporting diverse teams in applying Design Thinking from strategy, marketing to digitalization topics.

  • 2012/2013-2015

    Introduction of Design Thinking mindset and methods into the organisation to act/adopt more quickly, improve co-creation and innovate faster.

  • Corporate Innovation Labs

    2014 & 2015

    Refurbishment consulting and space design, concept and facilitation support of hub activities for several locations and companies. Clients confidential.