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Despite the advantage of a successful process, proven key components and extremely positive experiences, any of our design thinking efforts are still customized to the pre-existing conditions and wished for outcomes. Approaching the original briefing with a user-centred mindset, we choose from a rich toolset relating our methods to team expertise and corporate preferences. The final set up of workshops, projects or long term partnership is shaped through the clients visions, means and physical environment. However, co-creating strategic transformation processes means entering a mutual learning journey calling for a high motivation to engage, interact and learn at both sides.

  • since 2013

    Hands-on introduction to design thinking in 4 languages. Focus on gaining empathy for users, rapid prototyping and early testing.

  • 2014

    Management awareness session with 80 european top executives during their annual leadership meeting off side. Parallel project support.

  • 2014-2015

    Co-Creation project to re-design current website and create radically new solutions in mixed teams with external experts and users.

  • 2012/2013-2015

    Introduction of Design Thinking mindset and methods into the organisation to act/adopt more quickly, improve co-creation and innovate faster.