Shaping Innovation Culture

Zumtobel Group

Timeframe: 2 years


Zumtobel Group as the leading manufacturer for lighting systems within supermarkets, signature architecture, retail outlets and manufacturing facilities

  • is challenged by "outsider" competition, copy cats and tightening budgets in key markets while orchestrating 3 brands and various locations
  • realized that ubiquitous digitalization of processes and interfaces calls for strong innovation capacity, faster product development and powerful ways to create added value through services around the existing products.

  • Approach:

    Design thinking was chosen as a great way to bring together the companies experts and work on strategic topics such as

  • service design to create additional value for key clients or new target groups
  • fast improvements of existing products in areas with user involvement
  • designing a visionary next generation of existing bestsellers as well as
  • greenfield challenges like energy autonomous controlling devices.

    Case outline:

    In 2012 we ran an initial workshop to understand the method and explore its applicability with key stakeholders. Early in 2013 we ran a top management workshop with 40 executives to sort out areas to test, practice and adapt Design Thinking for the organization. Together with an internal ambassador we than set up of teams, spaces, internal communication, choice of challenges and participants. In 7 short and longer term projects we applied user centered design and multidisciplinary teamwork in 4 locations worldwide.

    2014 tiefenschärfe had facilitated 7 projects teams in up to 4 month projects. With a new CEO the organization had to redefine itself. We see the company culture now incorporating early feedback from clients, embracing supply chain partner and the creation of an internal multidisciplinary innovation unit. For 2016 new co-creation and IoT projects are being initiated.